Love’s Philosophy: A Recital for February

Classical tenor Pablo Romero performs “Love’s Philosophy: Aspects of Romance”, a February recital that explores the themes of love and romance in their different facets.


About pabloromero

Born in Ecuador, Pablo immigrated to the United States of America 10 years ago. Since then he's been doing what he loves: singing. Carrying his art wherever he goes he has performed in both chorus and now soloist roles. His debut was with the Loveland Opera Theatre as Marco Palmieri in The Gondoliers. Since then he has performed in other soloist roles such as Tamino in the Loveland Opera Theatre's production of The Magic Flute, and a comprimario role as Priest #1 in Opera Theatre of the Rockies production of The Magic Flute. He now currently resides in Granby, CO and can be found singing around the mountains and the front range.
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One Response to Love’s Philosophy: A Recital for February

  1. Terry Ready says:


    I truly enjoyed your interpretation of “Love’s Philosophy”. I looked on your website for a listing of the compositions and composers you highlighted, but did not find them. I found your selection of music exquisite. Very unorthodox, yet quite pleasing. Of course I would like to learn more. I would like to become a consistent fan.

    Is it possible to obtain a list of the songs you sang and their composers? I would like to do a bit of research to learn more about these seldom performed, yet really beautiful pieces.

    I look forward to meeting you again and enjoying the gift of your talent and voice.

    Thank you,

    Terry Ready

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